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398 Fall 2019 Schedule

Page history last edited by Eric Leonidas 9 months, 3 weeks ago


Schedule of Readings and Assignments F ‘19


*Please note that all reading must be done by the date listed below.


**Please also note that this schedule will change.  The most up-to-date will always be found at Leonidas.pbworks.com, where you will also find links to assignments and downloadable texts.


DL=Download, as in “bring a copy to class”; CTT=Critical Theory Today


Wed        Aug. 28      Introduction

                                  Virginia Woolf, “The Death of the Moth”


Mon        Sept. 3        No Class: Labor Day


Wed        Sept. 4        “A Tiny Feast” (DL)

                                  Robert Watson, “Tragedy” (DL); and CTT 1-9


Mon        Sept. 9        Spanish Tragedy Act 1

                                  Quiz: Citation


Wed        Sept. 11      Spanish Tragedy Acts 2-3


Mon        Sept. 16      Marxism, CTT 51-76


Wed        Sept. 18      Spanish Tragedy Acts 3-4 


Mon        Sept. 23      Spanish Tragedy Act 4

WA #1


Wed        Sept. 25      NH and Cultural Criticism, CTT 267-98 


Mon        Sept. 30      Foucault, “The Subject and Power” (DL)

WA #2


Wed        Oct. 2         Spanish Tragedy Articles: Hunter (Norton Spanish Tragedy, 205-217); Smith (ST  227-38); Shapiro (DL)


Mon        Oct. 7         Heywood, scenes 1-5

Marriage and Society in Shakespeare’s England (DL)


Wed        Oct. 9         Heywood, scenes 6 -12

Paper 1 Due


Mon        Oct. 14       Feminist Criticism, CTT 79-126



Wed        Oct. 16       Heywood, scenes 13-18

WA #3


Mon        Oct. 21       Heywood articles: Bromley (DL)Panek (DL); Bennett (DL) (at least to end of section II, p. 52)

*Quick reminder: As I mentioned in class, for each article please try to identify the 3 key components I’ll expect in your annotated bibliography: the central claim/thesis; a sense of the “tradition” the critic is working in (other interpretations of the play, a conversation about approach or “theory,” how the reading contributes to an understanding of the culture, etc.); and a description of the evidence (what part or parts of the play, historical material, theoretical sources, etc.). 


Wed        Oct. 23       Othello, Act 1 


Mon        Oct. 28       Othello, Acts 2-3


Wed        Oct. 30       Othello, Acts 3-4

WA #4


Mon        Nov. 4        Othello, Act 5


Wed        Nov. 6        CTT African American Criticism

Paper Topic Due


Mon        Nov. 11      Databases (meet in Maria Sanford 210)


Wed        Nov. 13      Conferences (with claim): please sign up through this link; Class does not meet 


Mon        Nov. 18      Bibliography Due

Please email me your 5 bibiliography entries by 1:40 pm; Class will not meet


Wed        Nov. 20      Paper Prospectus Due

In-class workshop

You must bring in two copies of your prospectus: NO printer problems, left in the car, etc.


Mon Nov. 25 - Wed, Nov. 27: Thanksgiving Holiday, no class


Mon        Dec. 2         Class meets! Final Exam review 


Wed        Dec. 4         Final Exam


Final Exam: Wed, 12/11, 1:00 – 3:00

The final exam period will be used for short, no-stress presentations (5 minutes!)


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