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London Wednesday 3-14

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London, March 14: The Tower


Here’s a good, short overview of the Tower. A little more here.


And here is some information pertinent to Shakespeare’s time, including the confession of Guy Fawkes and some close-up photos of the prisoner “graffiti.” See how much you can find when you visit.


Take the tour. You can use the audio provided there, or a Tower of London app (these may have less information):


Tower Scavenger Hunt


I’m going to let you loose to explore this on your own. However, I’d like you to gather some information.  Try to track down the following:


1. The name of at least one historical figure executed in the tower who appears in one of Shakespeare’s plays.


2. The name of one important figure executed in the Tower (or at nearby Tower Hill) important to Tudor politics (that is to the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, or Elizabeth I).


3. The name of 3 prominent figures imprisoned in the Tower during Elizabeth’s reign (1558-1603)


4. Write down one phrase from the prisoners graffiti.


5. Have a look at Henry VIII’s armor: how big would you say he was?


6. Give the name and a brief description of your favorite weapon in the armoury?


7. See any dragons?


Crown Jewels: Usually there's a long line. I'm not requiring it, but if you'd like to see them, go for it! They're pretty impressive.



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