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398 F19 Presentations

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During our final exam period (Wed. Dec. 11, 1:00-3:00), each of you will give a short presentation. You only have about 5 minutes, and so I only want you to do 2 things:


1. Offer a short version of the thesis from your long paper.


2. Offer a close reading of a passage from the text. This passage may only constitute part of your argument. For example, if you're claiming a play introduces and undermines the need for revenge, your passage may only demonstrate the "introduce" part, or alternately the "undermine" part. But perhaps it does not do both; that's fine.


You'll put the passage up on the screen (so have it ready either as a file you can call up on Google docs or such, or as a website we can navigate to). And you'll closely analyze individual words, phrases, sounds, images, literary allusions, etc.  The key is to link all of this evidence to whatever claim or part of a claim you are offering.


You may work from note cards, but please do not write your complete presentation. 



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