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London Monday 3-16

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London March 12: The Globe Theatre and a walk through the Bankside


We’ll begin with a guided tour of The Globe Theatre, Shakespeare’s (second!) permanent theatrical space.


Next, a walk around the area, where other theaters and various entertainments were found




Bear Gardens:




The Clink: [We'll walk by, but we won't visit; something you might consider returning to]


The Golden Hinde:


Afternoon: London Docklands Museum


Place: No.1 Warehouse, West India Quay, Canary Wharf, London E14 4AL, UK


We'll walk together through the first 3 exhibits: No. 1 Warehouse/Introductory Gallery; Trade Expansion; and London, Sugar and Slavery.


Assignment: for the second two galleries, I'd like each of you to "record" one thing (a photo is fine, if photos are allowed, otherwise draw a quick sketch). After we're done, you'll show your pic and explain why this one thing is important to understanding England's role in international trade. All 6 of you are going to be doing this, so you might not want to choose the most obvious thing you see.



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