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English 333: The Renaissance--Fall, 2017



Course Documents:


Schedule of Readings and Assignments

Course Policies and Requirements

Unit Handouts

Reports Guidelines

Written Report Rubric

Oral Report Scorecard

Final Exam




A Guide to MLA style

Citation handout

"Romance": a definition

Reformation Chronology

Reformation Theology

The 39 Articles (pdf)

Portraits of Elizabeth I

Leviathan Frontispiece

A rakish lutenist



Faerie Queene Resources: 


Listen to Book III--mp3 files!


     Some summaries of individual stanzas (scroll down for Bk III)

     SparkNotes (sadly); use the links on the left for the other cantos in Book III

Book III seems to play around with the "damsel in distress" motif.  Here's a two-part analysis of the trope in contemporary video games: part 1  part 2

  • (I know, this is only very tangentially relevant to The FQ, but it's some interesting cultural criticism, and has caused quite a stir.)



Oral Report Schedule:


Please present on the specific question assigned.  If you would like to respond to an unassigned question, or have an idea for a topic of your own, speak with me.


I Humanism, Wed., Sept. 27

  • Question 1: Alyssa Scianti
  • Question 2: Jennifer Hosein
  • Question 3: Megan Tolly
  • Question 6: Alixandrea Tremont


II Reformation, Mon., Oct. 16

  • Question 1: Kelly Savage
  • Question 2: Kendal Lumpkin
  • Question 3: Brittany Senack
  • Question 4: Sabrina Kosh


III Renaissance Women, Mon., Nov. 6

  • Question 1: Tiara Boehm
  • Question 4: Edward Myers
  • Question 5: Rocio Ramos
  • Question 7: Hannah Guilmette


IV The Counter Renaissance, Mon., Nov. 27

  • Question 1: Emma Roth
  • Question 2: Megan Sanderson
  • Question 3: Olivia Marrone
  • Question 4: Katherine Share


V The New World, Wed., Dec. 13

  • Question 1: Katie Bolduc
  • Question 2: Gina Pitruzzello
  • Question 3: Erin Bials
  • Question 5: Derek Blais






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