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sonnet instructions

Page history last edited by Eric Leonidas 2 years, 10 months ago


For each of the Sidney sonnets listed (they're in the Norton Anthology), I'd like you to work as a pair to write two different paragraphs:


1.  Write summary/translation.  This should be sentence by sentence, not line by line.  That is, you should summarize or "translate" each sentence in turn, regardless of whether is spills over 2 or 3 or even more lines.


2.  Write a short paragraph responding to the question "What Humanist values seem to be at play in the poem?"  These are obviously love poems, but they're also about expression, desire, reason, service, commitment, productivity, success, and any number of other things.  You'll likely have to look beyond love to answer this question.



Please note: I'd like you BOTH to work on BOTH parts of the assignment, enlarging upon and editing each other's work.  The final summary/translation and response should be collective work.















Here's a link back to our mainpage; go to the bottom and click on your sonnet number to bring you to the page on which you'll post #1 and #2 above.  Once on your page, click the "Edit" tab above the page title to start writing and editing. When editing, click "Save and Continue" at the bottom frequently to save your work as you go.


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