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Debate Presentation Evaluation

Page history last edited by Eric Leonidas 7 years ago

ENG 298: Debate Presentation Scorecard


Your Name:     ______________________________________________


Students Presenting:    _______________________________________


Below, please indicate how well the group did on a scale of 1-4:



2= needs improvement


4=very good


  1. Group seemed prepared:    
  2. Group seemed to know the poem well in its details: 
  3. Summary was clear and organized:
  4. Group presented two distinct arguments (not necessarily “opposite”):
  5. Argument 1 was effectively supported with evidence in the text:
  6. Argument 2 was effectively supported with evidence in the text:
  7. The handout was complete (summary, 2 arguments, reflection on arguments):         
  8. Overall, the oral report was:  



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