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530 Schedule

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Schedule of Readings and Assignments



Tues.        Sept. 1          Introduction; O’Neill; Bruni; Vives


Tues.        Sept. 8          The Origins:

                                      Kreis, "Medieval Synthesis" and "Humanism"

                                      Nauert and King (handout)

Petrarch, “Self-Portrait” and “Ascent,” and Pico, “An Oration”


Tues.        Sept. 15        Petrarch, The Secret  (Parts One and Two)

Peters, “The Desire to Know the Secrets of the World” (handout)


Tues.        Sept. 22       


      • John Davies, from “Nosce te ipsum” (handout)
      • Gray, “Humanism: The Pursuit of Eloquence” (handout)
      • Parrish, “Education, Erasmian Humanism and More’s Utopia” (handout)
      • Bushnell, from “A Culture of Teaching” (handout)


      • Bushnell, Rebecca.  A Culture of Teaching: Early Modern Humanism in Theory and Practice.  Ithaca: Cornell UP, 1996.
      • Wilson, Puttenham, Elyot, etc.:  Author. Title. Shakespeare's World: Background Readings in the English Renaissance.  Ed. Gerald M. Pinciss and Roger Lockyear.  NY: Continuum, 1995. 
      • Vives, Juan Luis. The instruction of a Christian woman. Renaissance Women: Constructions of Femininity in England.  Ed. Kate Aughterson.  NY: Routledge, 1995.



Tues.        Sept. 29        Jill Kraye, “The Transformation of Platonic Love” (pdf)

Thomas Hoby (trans.), The Courtier (NA 704-720)                       

                                      Sidney, Astrophil and Stella (NA 1084-1101)

                                      John Martin, “Inventing Sincerity” (pdf)


Tues.        Oct. 6           Sir Thomas More, Utopia (NA 569-645)

                                      Short Paper Due


Tues.        Oct. 13         Christopher Marlowe, Dr. Faustus (NA 1127-63)

                                      Midterm Essay (in class)


Tues.        Oct. 20         Sidney, Defense of Poesy (NA 1044-83); epideictic and patronage poetry:

Howard, "Wyatt Resteth," NA 666

Donne, "To the Countess of Bedford" (pdf)

"To Sir Henry Wotton" (pdf)

Jonson, "To Camden" NA 1540

"On Lucy," NA 1542

"To Lucy," 1543

"To Thomas Roe," NA 1543
"To Robert Wroth" (pdf)

"To Penshurst," 1546

Lanyer, "Description of Cookham," NA 1436

Daniel, "To the Lady Lucy" (pdf)


Tues.        Oct. 27         Shakespeare, The Tempest

John Mebane, "Metadrama and the Visionary Imagination" 


Tues.        Nov. 3          Jonson and Cavalier Poetry

                                      Paper Topic Due


          • Penshurst 1546 (Emily)
          • Inviting a Friend 1544 (Rachel)
          • Cary Morison Ode 1551 (Danielle)
          • To Shakespeare 1556 (Fadila)


          • Farewell to Sack 1759 (Eric)
          • Corinna's Going A-Maying 1760 (Kristin)
          • The Hock-Cart 1762 (Erin)


          • To Saxham 1773 (Sarah)
          • A Rapture 1775 (Christopher)


          • The Grasshopper 1780 (Laura)


Tues.        Nov. 10        Marlowe, Hero and Leander (NA 1107-26)

                                    Shakespeare, The Rape of Lucrece



Tues.        Nov. 17        Ben Jonson, The Alchemist

Paper Draft or Prospectus Due; at least 3 bibliography entries should be posted



Tues.        Nov. 24        Class Cancelled; 3 more bibliography entries due on website



Tues.        Dec. 1           Presentations 1

Printed annotated bibliography due; final exam question must be posted by classtime



Tues.        Dec. 8           Presentations 2

                                      Final Essay (in class)

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