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Shakespeare: General Thematic Questions

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Some "Big Picture" Questions



  • Who has control (in the larger society, or in a family, or even a social relationship), and why? 
  • What social groups have control (think economic, educational attainment, tradition, gender)? 
  • What kind of knowledge or skills do those in power seem to have?
  • How did they get power?  How do they maintain it?



  • What makes me me?  Something essential inside (conflict, specific experiences), or social roles (Prince, gentleman, mother, brother, soldier, wife, etc.)?
  • How do I know I'm different, an "individual"?  How do I (or should I?) express my me-ness?



  • What do I want, and what are the effects of me wanting it?
  • How do I balance what I want with what my community needs?



  • What are my obligations to my community or communities?  
  • To what extent should I conform? 
  • If not, what are the costs or effects of social marginalization?



  • How do I deal with reversals, mistakes, losses?
  • What can I fix?
  • What must I accept, and what does such acceptance look like?



  • What do we do in the face of our ultimate demise?
  • How important is the Christian promise of ultimate salvation through faith in Christ?



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